SEPTEMBER 2021 BULLETIN // Made for your life.

There are moments in life that are so moving and tantalizing that you're certain you won't forget them. Memories that years later you can still smell and hear; As if the experience is captured in swaths of color and maybe a few familiar faces. Some moments are captured in images and videos and many that live in the stories that we tell - but nothing can truly capture the experience you had. 

Feelings about a memory often flood back in surprising ways, because memories are fickle and some experiences don't make the cut. You can’t remember it all. But something that is constant in every moment you’ve ever lived is you. You’re the most beautiful variable in your life, and its the most precious thing we have. 

Our jewelry is made for you and your adventures *as she sensually clasps here necklace and secures her rings on her fingers*. You will never be missing from your own memories, so neither should your favorite adornments. Intended to be worn through all of your greatest accomplishments, accompany through your biggest hurdles and romanticize the least and most memorable moments in between. 


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