OCTOBER 2021 Bulletin - Object Permanence


Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist Independent of ourselves, regardless of whether it is being perceived. Detached from our limited reality, objects unobserved may change and evolve while their material reality can be wholly different than what we might expect or visually understand. 


We are the only animals with the unique capability of considering our own object permanence: yet incapable of having an honest relationship with objects unobservable. We as humans are hosted by a planet reaping all of the biological attrition caused by our actions and because of the many imperceivable changes occurring we have been largely incapable of believing in this planet's degradation. 


A hidden tattoo unseen by new lovers will still fade, still bring to consciousness a memory of a time and the skin will still age. A grape lost beneath the oven will wither and ripen and turn to a sweet raisin. A diamond, precious and small, passed down from your grandmother, set in the most hidden part of your ring will still be held tight in your fist throughout your day: unperceived by others. 


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