Mustard Jewelry believes in creating unique heirloom jewelry the slow way. We’re motivated by timeless and deliberate designs, traditional jewelry making techniques, sustainability and conscious production. 

     We offer made to order and customizable options to encourage meaningful and intimate connection with your treasured piece. Jewelry isn't meant to see a landfill.



     As we grow and expand our capabilities so will our access to information and resources. It's foundational to the business that we practice ethical and sustainable sourcing, shipping, and jewelry making process.  As we consistently navigate this largely unregulated industry, it is our goal to simultaneously educate and restructure the business to continually better align with our ethics. 


     is a vague term and in this context it is ‘as conflict free as possible’. We use recycled, lab grown (sourced from our certified Diamond supply partners) or repurposed stones and in all cases use recycled metals. ‘Ethics’ is also at play when we price our product. It is not our intention to participate in the ‘status’ culture of jewelry, rather create heirloom pieces that make the wearer feel sexy and adorned for a lifetime.


    'Sustainability' is also a vague term. In this context Mustard is intentional about prioritizing the planet. In addition to using durable materials, we’ve also adopted low or zero waste processes. We mindfully procure our metals from local refiners and recyclers of precious metal in whom are also committed to re-investing in green technology and methods. We will continue to provide updated information on sustainability practices as the brand grows. 

We are here to create products of art to wear and make memories with - None of jewelry is intended for the landfill. For that reason we do not plate or vermeil products. We do instead offer a range of gold types in a range of prices. 



Maybe one day I will have a memoir or a blog someone on the internet detailing my experiences how I got here. Until then, enjoy this poem from Shel Silverstein and lets enjoy the adventures we have with our jewels,

“There are no happy endings.
Endings are the saddest part,
So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.”
-Shel Silverstein